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SALES & BD: For startups the right sales leadership can be the difference between make or break: sales and BD impact not only revenue success, but also company culture in an outsized way.

MARKETING: Whether finding a Product Marketing leader to help tell your story, or ramping Growth or Demand Generation to expand upon your market position, marketing leaders are integral to your success. Finding the right ‘Head Of’ or VP early in your journey positions you for long-term success, if you hire to the right competencies for your point in time.

HR & PEOPLE OPS:  Your ‘people’ people will be the most important hires you make. As demands of the business shift from talent acquisition, to generalist HR, to people ops and scaled HR orgs, the right leaders are essential at every point on the journey to help you hire, retain and develop the best talent.

G&A: We cover difficult-to-fill G&A roles in Risk, Compliance, Analytics, Finance and Legal. Startups too often overlook the importance of solid foundations and the ability of the leaders of these functions to be a strategic partner, business enabler, and driver.


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