Eoin O'Toole


As Co-Founder & CEO of Arete Partners, Eóin is responsible for building and managing the team’s success at all levels. He now heads our Go-To-Market practice, with his personal focus on Marketing search.
Having identified the market need to address these critical and sensitive emerging executive hires, Eóin relishes facilitating the mutual growth propelled for his clients and candidates.
In recent years Eóin has come to the fore as one of the elite recruiters in Silicon Valley for Marketing search for VC-backed startups. He attributes his breadth in recruiting to his success now: He has worked in Finance recruiting, built a multi-million dollar CRM and BI/Analytics division, grown and led a ~$15m Technology division, and has successfully filled a breadth of searches in difficult-to-fill niches since starting Arete Partners. That, combined with being a CEO and Founder himself, afford him empathy and insight with the entrepreneurs with whom he works, and a grounding in all of the key functions of a company and their interdependencies. That perspective affords him a uniquely rounded insight when helping clients assess their gaps, and talent assesses their opportunities.
When not working he is a family man first and foremost, enjoying time with his wife and 3 kids, and in his spare time enjoys coaching rugby and reading voraciously.


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